Dr Su Kalava

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Dr Su Kalava

FRANZCP (Cert Addiction Psych), AFRACMA, MBBS

Dr Kalava is an Australian trained psychiatrist who specialises in Addiction Psychiatry. She
firmly believes in the significant role, diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors play in maintain a
person’s wellbeing.

Various traumatic life events can often lead to development of mental illness, patterns of
poor self-care, and social isolation which further worsen one’s quality of life. She is well
trained in psychotherapeutic treatment approaches that are crucial in helping one identify,
modify and alleviate the trauma responses, so one can find true inner healing.

She is acutely aware of the barriers to psychiatric treatment in the form of stigma and
judgement. Other social issues which contribute to a significant burden of mental illness –
domestic violence and rights for marginalised communities are close to her heart.

At NAWA, Dr Su Kalava is keen to work with you, so you can walk confidently on your path to recovery.

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