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Embark on the transformative NAWA journey, where we wholeheartedly believe that investing in your health is the key to unlocking a life brimming with unstoppable vitality, profound gratitude, and unparalleled fulfilment.

Seven Dimensions Of Wellness

Our health and wellness centre offers therapies that are focused on evidence-based medicine and the Seven Dimensions Of Wellness.








Our team

The team is made up of a number of passionate and talented professionals, each of whom fulfils a role that they perform with commitment and enthusiasm.

Our entire team is well-trained and qualified to provide our clients with world-class treatment and support.

Health and Medical professionals, Therapists, Exercise and Nutrition consultants, and support staff at NAWA are well-versed in helping you recover from depression and anxiety, chronic stress and burnout, drug and alcohol dependency and addiction, and a variety of other conditions.

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Our facility

The spacious and lush residence, which is situated in beautiful hinterlands, offers a green, serene and natural setting that is designed to provide a relaxing and nurturing environment for recovery.

We welcome only a limited number of guests at any one time to ensure that everyone receives the appropriate level of attention, care and support while they take comfort in the various spaces. There is choice of tastefully created private and shared spaces that provide solace, rejuvenation and engagement.

Our health and wellness centre is bathed in energising natural light and awash with views of the surrounding native bushland and gardens.

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A Sanctuary Nestled in Nature

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