Dr Shashi Kalava

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Dr Shashi Kalava

FACEM, Lifestyle Physician, MBBS, Grad Cert IT, MAICD

Dr Shashi Kalava is an Australian trained Emergency Physician and Board Certified
Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

In his daily practice he has noted the deep impact lifestyle factors have on one’s physical
and mental wellbeing. He is passionate about making the essential grass root changes
which prevent development of life-threatening conditions in the future.

He has founded and runs various highly successful education programs for doctors who specialises
in emergency medicine. He is an avid squash player, he strongly believes in and practices
the model of living where in his career priorities are well balanced with other major aspects
of his life like relationships, hobbies and health.

At Nawa, Dr Shashi Kalava will provide lifestyle medicine consultations to help you identify
and establish healthy habits for life.

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