Facilities & Accomodation

Our warm and welcoming facility stands as a sanctuary designed to foster healing and rejuvenation in every individual who walks through our doors. Here, every element is thoughtfully curated to enhance your path to wellness, offering a harmonious blend of leisure and therapeutic amenities.

The spacious and lush residence, which is situated in beautiful hinterlands, offers a green, serene and natural setting that is designed to provide a relaxing and nurturing environment for recovery.

We welcome only a limited number of guests at any one time to ensure that everyone receives the appropriate level of attention, care and support while they take comfort in the various spaces. There is choice of tastefully created private and shared spaces that provide solace, rejuvenation and engagement.

The residence is bathed in energising natural light and awash with views of the surrounding native bushland and gardens.

Our beautiful space is designed to give you a sense of home and community while our private suites allow you the privacy and space to recover.




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