Faye Hartley-Youens

Support Worker | Hypnotherapist
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Faye Hartley-Youens

Faye is dedicated and passionate about helping people to lead their best possible
life. Consolidating an educational background in psychology with mastery level
hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching, Faye has the knowledge and experience to help
you achieve your goals, conquer your fears and reach your full potential.

Believing strongly that every individual has all the resources they need to address,
accept and conquer their issues. Faye facilitates effective change by creating a
relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Continuing to work and learn with global thought leaders in the area of coaching the
subconscious mind allows Faye to pass on to her clients the latest research and
processes for change.

Faye is also the founder and CEO of a Cancer charity which connects people living
with cancer to free CAM therapists.

Faye practices a positive psychology approach with a strong focus on where you
want to go not where you have been.

Faye is certified with the following qualifications:

Psychology BA (hons)
Emotional Freedom Technique
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master Hypnotherapist
Diploma of Modern Hypnosis
Diploma of Modern Psychology
Diploma of Life Coaching
Coaching the Sub-Conscious Mind Certification

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