Hello… I’m Emma and I am passionate about accompanying individuals along their path of mental and emotional well-being. My approach to therapy is gentle, supportive, intuitive, collaborative, relationship-focused and rooted in empathy, providing clients with a safe space to explore and overcome challenges. I wholeheartedly believe that every client is unique and the expert of their own life, bringing with them individual goals and lived experiences. I love to personalise and tailor my therapy sessions to meet the unique needs of each beautiful client.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Therapy, and am a certified and registered psychotherapist and counsellor. As a self-confessed, lifelong learner I am committed to providing the highest quality of care to all my clients. I take much pride in my ability to build trust and rapport with clients easily, fostering an environment conducive to curiosity, personal growth, self-discovery and healing.

But.. when I am not studying or helping others lead fulfilling lives, you will find me with my family, either at the beach, walking the dog or sampling good food at a local eatery. I am an avid sunshine and fresh air enthusiast and thoroughly believe in the therapeutic power of the great Queensland outdoors!

I look forward to meeting you and getting creative at NAWA Wellness x

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