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Meet Alex, Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Remedial Massage Therapist.
With a journey that began over 12 years ago as a holistic health coach, Alex is a true expert
in his field.

Covering a wide range of services including personal training, remedial massage, Tibetan
sound healing, health coaching and meditation. Alex has helped countless individuals like
you find relief from stubborn pains, tension headaches, insomnia, sciatic pain, brain fog,
back pain, and even achieve weight loss goals while strengthening the immune system and
much more.

What sets Alex apart is his unique incorporation of powerful alternative approaches to
health that have personally transformed his own life. These unique methods, not commonly
practiced by most, have delivered incredible results time and time again.
Alex is currently working with clients, through muscle release therapy combined with
Tibetan sound healing for a complete physical and energetic transformation taking his
clients on an inward journey through sound where they can reach a higher state of being.
His life purpose is finding the secrets to unlocking our full potential. His soul’s purpose is to
assist in raising the collective consciousness of the planet.

Personal training
12+ years experience and knowledge
Core strength and stability/injury prevention
Basic gymnastics, strength and muscle building
Effective weight loss and detoxing
Handstand progressions, beginners to advanced

Remedial Massage / Sound Healing
Fast relief from acute tension headaches / migraines
Deep tissue muscle release therapy
Trigger point therapy: back/hip pain, sciatica, stiffness
Relaxation with Tibetan sound healing
Transdermal magnesium therapy with essential oils
Small to large group sound healing meditation

Health Coaching
Immune system support and rebuilding
Healthy and safe detoxing protocols
Effective weight loss techniques
Calming the mind and healing the nervous system
Combat adrenal fatigue and insomnia
Mind clarity, brain fog and improved memory
Healthy clear skin / anti-aging

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